Year 10 Work Experience

Once again, our Year 10 students are back from their exciting, annual Work Experience week. For 5 days, from 13th to 17th May, they have learnt what the world of work entails: getting to and back from their placements independently, meeting deadlines, working on projects, attending meetings etc.

The students worked in a range of businesses, including big firms, such as SAS, Amazon, DHL, Puma, Arla and H&M; in a start-up, in the hospitality, sports, education and medical sectors, and even in a tattoo parlor, to name a few.

The feedback from our contacts has been highly positive, and it was lovely for many of our teachers to visit their pupils in their working environments. The students have thrived in an environment which is highly different from their daily routine. 

Their week was followed by a carousel presentation to the Y9s, to help inspire them to start thinking about their own placement for next year. I was pleased to hear so much positive feedback from our Y10 students and all the different skills they learnt during that week.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the people with whom I have been closely working, to the parents for their support and last but not least to all our Year 10 students for their enthusiasm and commitment.

Julie Fradet, Work Experience Coordinator

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