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Happy National Storytelling Week!

Stories are the building blocks of imagination and creativity for children, and they can start right in the home. From picture books to bedtime tales,

The Art Of The Challenge

To encounter struggle is a part of being human; this we cannot control. What we can control, however, is how we choose to respond to this struggle,

Team BISS Is Looking Good!

Presenting the new #BISS PE kit! We are very excited to launch our new high performance kit by Swedish brand, Craft. Pete Thompson, Head of

Service At BISS: The Joy Of Giving Back

To act in service of others gives us the invaluable opportunity to contribute to our community, foster inclusion and promote charity. To serve is an important

School Remains Closed Tuesday 22 November

The severe weather warning has now been extended until at least 23:00.  There are still major disruptions to public transport and roads. This evening, the