Getting Help To The People Of Syria and Turkey NOW With ShelterBox

The 6th of February may have been just another normal day for many people, but for those in Turkey and Syria, it was to be a day of indescribable destruction and devastation that would alter their lives forever. As of yesterday, the earthquake that turned out to be one of the largest and deadliest recorded in history, has caused a death toll of over 40,000 and counting. The UN has reported over 7 million children as being affected. It seems the daily news only continues to inform us with heartbreaking updates, perhaps making many of us feel helpless as we watch from afar.

BISS community comes together for Turkey and Syria

With that being said, we cannot underestimate the power of human compassion to be able to make a difference, for where there is compassion, there is a will to act, and where there is a will, there is a way. 

Here at BISS, we have already begun making a difference to help the victims of this earthquake through our fundraising efforts with ShelterBox, a global emergency relief charity which provides shelter, essential items like toiletries, and technical assistance to victims who have lost their homes to disaster and conflict. Their core belief that to have a place to call home is a human right has shaped what they do and how we are helping them achieve their vision. With every 7000 SEK raised, we are sending one box to a family in need, filled with the contents listed above. Our school’s goal is to send five boxes, but how incredible would it be if we could send even more?

We are proud to share that, this week, our Year 5 and 6 students led a bake sale for ShelterBox, which successfully raised enough money for one shelter box to be sent. In addition, our proactive parents and staff already raised enough funds to send two more boxes! This brings us to only two boxes short of our goal (with only 3,000kr needed to send the fourth box!), all in less than a week! Well done to our inspirational students, staff and parents for showing the difference our community can make when our compassion is put into action!

Our fundraising is ongoing as the earthquake crisis continues, and we would like to welcome you to please donate to our efforts here through Swish, so that you can make a direct, immediate difference to those in need.