Inclusion And Challenge At BISS Sports Day!

Every spring at BISS, our annual Sports Day brings our students together across all year groups to compete in their house teams in a myriad of sporting events. The children give it their all, whether they are running, jumping, throwing, or simply cheering their fellow teammates on. This year, it was wonderful to see so many parents and family members in attendance to cheer everyone on and add to the spirit of the day!

At Altorp, our primary students participated in events like hurdle jumping, basketball, potato sack racing, long jump and obstacle courses. Our Ekeby students partook in running events, Ultimate Frisbee, high jumping and even competed against a teacher team in a relay. No matter what the age group our PE Team at BISS aims to create sports days that have something for every student.

In addition to the physical benefits offered by Sports Day, like fresh air, exercise and an opportunity to play one’s favorite sport, students can reap social and emotional benefits as well. Skills can be strengthened around team-building, effective communication and resilience in the face of challenges. Children practice their leadership abilities and offer support to their fellow teammates, building social skills and self-confidence along the way.

No matter the outcome of the sporting events, the children leave school on this day revitalized, energized and proud of how they pushed their own self-perceived limits to not only contribute to their team but to prove to themselves, with focus and perseverance, just how capable they are.

A big thank you to our amazing PE Team for organising such brilliant sports day for all our students. It’s a brilliant way to celebrate another great school year at BISS before the summer break!