On the evenings of February 19th and 20th, a dynamic ensemble of over 40 students from every corner of our secondary school converged to unveil our spectacular annual secondary school production! With hearts pounding and anticipation bubbling, our students transported their audiences into the captivating world of “Alice” by Laura Wade, a riveting contemporary twist on the timeless classic “Alice in Wonderland.”

Months of enthusiastic dedication and unwavering determination under the guidance of our visionary drama teacher, Kathryn Loveday, culminated in two big nights of theatrical brilliance. From the ambitious student-led direction to the mesmerizing choreography, innovative design, and original musical compositions, every moment onstage was a testament to the boundless creativity and passion of our students.

The air crackled with excitement and laughter as our audiences were swept away by the talent radiating through every scene, leaving them spellbound by the performers’ professionalism, comedic timing and raw emotion. It has surely etched indelible memories in the hearts of all who attended!