The beauty of attending an international school is not only in the celebration of foreign cultures but also of the host country’s culture as well. In Sweden, secondary school graduates partake in the highly-anticipated, annual tradition of Studenten, an event we at BISS have begun to incorporate for our own IB DP graduates. This way, their personal accomplishments are recognized within their local context.

Last week, friends, family and loved ones gathered together in a school front crowd of support and celebration to cheer on our graduates, who ran out of the building, known in Sweden as the utspring, dressed in their gowns and studentmössor (traditional Swedish sailing caps with names embroidered)!

We congratulate our IB DP graduates on this moment of personal achievement and recognition of their hard work, perseverance, and academic success. They have now received diplomas that are recognized globally, and this opens doors for further education and career opportunities worldwide. We look forward to seeing where their wings will take them!