Service At BISS: The Joy Of Giving Back

To act in service of others gives us the invaluable opportunity to contribute to our community, foster inclusion and promote charity. To serve is an important part of secondary life here at BISS, and, led by our Service and Work Experience Coordinator, Julie Fradet, we look forward to serving our local and wider communities in a myriad of ways.

This past holiday season saw two of our year groups participate in acts of service, resulting in joy for all. Firstly, our Year 7 students participated in the Festive Shoeboxes for the Homeless project, and what a success it turned out to be! The students asked their fellow schoolmates and teachers to fill empty shoe boxes with practical items, such as soap and other toiletries, for the homeless. Their goal of collecting 30 boxes was surpassed by 12, so they were able to send 42 boxes in the end.

In response to this generosity of our BISS community, Julie Fradet commented, “I was so pleased and overwhelmed to see our goal being exceeded and to witness the generosity of our pupils and their families. If we could brighten the lives of some people, that is already a great step for humanity.”

The gift of giving did not end there, however, as upon their return to school after the holidays, the students were delighted to receive photos from Stadsmissionen showing the recipients of this charitable act opening their shoe boxes with such gratitude and joy. What a wonderful way to carry the season of giving into the new year and for the children to see firsthand what a difference they can make through the simple act of giving.

Our Year 9 students also experienced the joy of service during their visit to Idala, a leisure centre for the elderly, during its “Seniorträff” (senior get together). Seniorträff is a meaningful opportunity for senior citizens to come together and socialize, as well as partake in fun and enlightening activities.

Julie Fradet remarked on the event, “It was a great experience for both our students and the senior citizens leading the activities. Our students tried watercolour painting, weaving and learning about Native American handicrafts. The students were really engaged in learning the handicraft techniques and produced some lovely craft pieces.”

At BISS, our aim is to encourage students to make a meaningful contribution to the world, promoting care and open-mindedness. Participating in service in Year 9 also helps students understand the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) element of the IB Diploma.

Year 9 Student Reflections:

“I found it very interesting and knowledgeable learning about the Native Americans and how they made things out of beads.” Theo, Year 9

“I had fun during our experience at the retirement centre. I enjoyed talking to some of the people there, and learning about things they do during their time and what they did in their life.” Beatrice, Year 9

“I tried to weave and it was really fun to do that. After that they showed us how to make your own wool and it was so much harder than I thought (it’s definitely not going to be my favourite thing to do!). At the end they gave us some fika (that is Swedish coffee and cake, which was  really good). I really liked the trip and the people were also really nice. I would definitely do it again! 🙂 Carla, Year 9