Year 5 Experience “Their Best Trip Ever” On HMS Albion!

Year 5 students got the chance of a lifetime to visit one of the Royal Navy’s amphibious flagships on Friday. Sue Lacy, from the British Embassy, was in contact with HMS Albion while it was conducting naval manoeuvres in the Baltic. Finding that the Albion was docking in Stockholm, she reached out to BISS and liaised with Albion to arrange tours for BISS students. 

The Albion, which is the second largest type of navy vessel after the aircraft carrier in the British Navy, organised for our students to tour the boat on Friday 12th May. Year 5 arrived on the dock at Frihamnen for 9am and were escorted around the ship in 3 groups.

They explored the flight deck and were able to sit in some of the assault vehicles; visited the bridge and sat in the captain’s chair; went deep inside the ship to the tactical operations room and were even allowed onto one of the landing troop carrying boats, which are lowered into the water during operations.  A huge thank you to Sue Lacy, the British Embassy and HMS Albion for arranging this fantastic experience!

Inside a landing boat