Ready, Steady, Go! Bamseloppet Gets Altorp Moving!

Embracing the outdoors for fresh air and exercise is a way of life in Sweden, where roughly 70% of the land is forest, and this cultural norm is celebrated as early as preschool. Bamseloppet, or The Bamse Race, incorporates the much-loved Swedish cartoon bear, Bamse, into a children’s race to promote movement and wellbeing while having fun! 

This year marks the 8th for the nationwide event that is Bamseloppet, with over 1,000 pre-schools and half a million children participating. Needless to say, our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children at Altorp were very excited to join in! They started with a warm up to Hej Hopp Mini Hopp before then running a course from our small playground to our large playground. 

Their final stretch to the finish line at the school front was accompanied by our older Altorp children cheering them on! Our little racers were then each awarded a medal and certificate to take home, and by the smiles all around, it was apparent the joy they felt through their outdoor Bamse experience!